Ohm to Kiloohm Converter

1 Ω = 0.001 kΩ

Resistance is a fundamental property in electrical circuits, measured in ohms (Ω). When dealing with large values of resistance, it's common to express them in kiloohms (kΩ) for convenience.

This Ohm to Kiloohm converter allows you to easily convert resistance values between ohms and kiloohms. Let's explore the formula and see an example to better understand how it works.


The formula to convert resistance from ohms to kiloohms is straightforward:




  • kiloohmsRkiloohms​ is the resistance in kiloohms (kΩ),
  • ohms​ is the resistance in ohms.

Example: Let's say you have a resistor with a resistance of 4500 ohms, and you want to express this value in kiloohms.

kiloohms ​= 4500Ω/1000

kiloohms ​= 4.5kΩ

So, the resistance of 4500 ohms is equivalent to 4.5 kiloohms.

Using the Ohms to Kiloohms Converter:

To make the conversion even easier, you can use this Ohms to Kiloohms conversion tool. Simply input the resistance value in ohms, and the converter will provide the equivalent value in kiloohms.