Million to Lakh Converter



1 Millions = 10 Lakh

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Million to Lakh Conversion

To convert from million to lakh, it's crucial to recognize that one lakh is equivalent to one hundred thousand. The conversion involves multiplying the million value by 10:

Lakh = Million×10


a. Million Value: 2525 million

b. Lakh Calculation: 25×10=250 lakh

The result is 25 million converted to 250 lakh.

Lakh to Million Conversion

Converting from lakh to million requires the inverse operation. You divide the lakh value by 10:

Million = Lakh /10


a. Lakh Value: 75 lakh

b. Million Calculation: 75 ÷ 10 = 7.5 million

The result is 75 lakh converted to 7.5 million.