To Convert from million to billion, you need to recognize that a billion is a thousand times larger than a million. The conversion involves multiplying the million value by 1,000:

Billion = Million ×1,000

Million to Billion Conversion


Let's take an example to illustrate the conversion:

a. Million Value: 25 million

b. Billion Calculation: 25 × 1,000 = 25,000 million

The result is 25 million converted to 25 billion.

Billion to Million Conversion

Converting from billion to million requires the inverse operation. You divide the billion value by 1,000:

Million = Billion / 1,000

a. Billion Value: 40 billion

b. Million Calculation: 40 / 1,000 = 40 million

The result is 40 billion converted to 40 million.